Bridging the gap between student and commercial teams

It’s important that all departments communicate effectively with one another and understand the role of their colleagues

In any kind of organisation, it’s important that all departments communicate effectively with one another and understand the role of their colleagues. Every company has an objective, a reason as to why they operate, and of course – higher education institutions are no exception. One key objective, that both student and commercial teams can contribute towards, is generating prospective students and building the student enrolment pipeline. To achieve this, bridging the gap between student and commercial teams is vital.

Utilising skills and knowledge

The variety of skills and knowledge between student and commercial teams is highly beneficial. The commercial team specialise in delivering outstanding events, they know how to ensure campus visitors have a positive experience. A key activity that both teams can collaboratively work together on is events for prospective students, their friends and family. This provides a real opportunity to sell the facilities and the culture of the university in an indirect way and this is where the student team comes in. The student team understand the students! They know the best methods to communicate with them, the challenges they face, what they enjoy and the trends or crazes happening. By having a presence at these events, the student team can provide details about the wider university academic offering. Whether this be attending along with your alumni, setting up a stall nearby to answer any questions or even handing out flyers or merchandise, the opportunity to target these people should be utilised to its full potential.

Achieving the end goal

Lee Rawlinson, Director of Innovation at Kinetic, previously worked as Head of Accommodation at University of Liverpool. He says: “Working as “one university” has significant benefits that can sometimes get overlooked by senior management. Sharing great ideas between teams allows tasks to be simplified and frees up more time being spent in the right area – customer service! Another benefit is the huge impact that this has on student enrolment, visibility of the campus, academic research partnerships, to name a few.”

The importance of the relationship between the student and commercial teams should not be understated. There is a real opportunity for them to influence and encourage prospects and their close friends or family to attend the university, and overall, generate a greater enrolment pipeline.

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