Bob Geldof and Natasha Kaplinsky to speak at Bett

Attendees will see a different selection of speakers taking to the stage in the Bett Arena. Here’s an overview of who you can expect to see each day

Wednesday 24 January

11.45-12.20: Ian Dunn, deputy vice-chancellor of Coventry University will discuss the potential for Edtech to help universities modernise, attract international students and deliver value for money.

15.15-16.15: The team at Microsoft will be delving into the future of education, and discussing the ways that artificial and augmented intelligence and other game changing technologies are disrupting the way learning is delivered.

16:30-17.00: Phil Regier, university dean for Educational Initiatives & CEO at Arizona State University shares his experience in paving a new way forward for digitally immersive education programmes and, with it, a new model for tuition fees.

Thursday 25 January

11.15-12.00: Natasha Kaplinsky, one of the UK’s leading broadcasters, hosts a session with six students from Europe and the United Kingdom, sharing their thoughts on today’s technology, and how instructional practices should evolve to meet the changing needs of students. 

13.15-14.00: Lord Jim Knight, Baroness Beeban Kidron, and Lord Adonis chat about current trends in schools, and the opportunities that technology can offer the generation who will soon shape society in their image.

14.15-14.45: Cressida Cowell, the author-illustrator of the number one bestselling book series How to Train Your Dragon, joins a panel to discuss how to spark a love of writing in young people, and whether the art of the written word is at risk in the digital age.

Friday 26 January

10.30-11.15: Beverly Clark, author and education consultant joins James McClung, Business Development Manager at Nvidia, to launch the world’s first project designed to teach practical concepts of Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Neural Networks at Key Stage 3.

13.45-14.15: Stephen Heppell, CEO of Heppell, net Limited, will explain why modern technologies are better for learners and teachers – how they can lead to a less exhausting, and more enjoyable future.

15.45 – 16.15: Bram Bout, the Director of Google for Education, will speak to a three-month study spanning 16 countries that have revealed the most effective strategies and techniques for helping students learn now so they can thrive in their future careers.

Saturday 27 January

10.30–12.00: A 90-minute live roundtable exploring the links between technology and improvements in teacher workload, school efficiency and teacher wellbeing featuring, Abdul Chohan, Catherine Scutt, Nic Newman and Lauren Thorpe

12.15-12.45: Morten Jacobsen, robotics-craftsman & technology scout at Skolen ved Nordens Plads, will share a case study of just how vital customised technology can be for students that can’t attend school due to physical or mental illness.

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