Bill Bryson receives Honorary Doctorate

Bill Bryson, OBE, has been awarded an Honorary Doctorate from the University of Westminster for his contribution to literature

He joins a number of notable figures including Roland Rudd, Baroness Hayter and Lord (Chris) Smith, who were also named University of Westminster Honorary Doctorates this year.

The University recognised Bill as an exceptional communicator known for his ability to captivate readers on a range of cultural and travel subjects as well as science.

His book ‘A Short History of Nearly Everything’, which explores the history of science, exposing its often humble and humorous beginnings, has been a longstanding favourite among the University’s bioscience students.

Professor Geoffrey Petts, Vice Chancellor of the University of Westminster, said: “It is with great pride that we award such a distinguished group of Honorary Doctorates this year in celebration of their accomplishments and successes. These Honorary Doctorates highlight each individual as a beacon of inspiration for our students and what they can achieve in their future endeavours.”



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