Be at the heart of a powerful international alliance

The 19th EAUC Annual Conference will provide a formal stage for all of the voices in the tertiary education sector

‘Challenging Connections‘ will provide a formal stage for all of the voices in the tertiary education sector so that they can inspire and challenge one another, and forge new connections.

Three complementary summits will run alongside the core programme – the Student Sustainability Summit, the Further Education Sustainability Summit and the Transformational Leadership Summit. 

At the core of everything is the 19th EAUC Annual Conference which offers two full days of challenging content based around Learning in Future Environments (LiFE). The Conference is also aiming to bring together a truly international alliance for the first time since the 2012 Rio+20 side event.

The Rio+20 Earth Summit showed us the power of collaborative action and 2012 saw large number of the world’s sustainable university associations, projects and networks come together to run a powerful side event. As a result, our collective voice could be heard in the outcome document ‘The Future We Want’. In the run up to the world’s climate change convention COP21 in Paris this coming Autumn, it’s time to build on this and grow the network globally so the sustainable university networks can speak with one voice.

We know that we will be more powerful and effective together and collaboration will put education at the heart of the international challenge to address climate change. So the EAUC is taking things to the next level to ensure you’re better recognised for your contribution by inviting key international organisations to join us in Leeds to start to build a collective voice. 

Why be part of it?

  • Meet the world! What does sustainability look like in African, Chinese or Norwegian universities? What can we in the UK learn?
  •  Make new global partners with colleagues from universities and colleges who are solving problems just like yours. 
  • Add your voice to the next generation of global environmental performance and sustainability as we recognise we urgently need to take a collective step-up to the next level.
  • Be part of the first gathering of world’s sector networks as we meet at ‘Challenging Connections’ to put universities and colleges at the heart of solving climate change at COP21.

International workshop highlights

We invite you to take part in our impressive line-up of internationally focused sessions taking place over the two days and to take advantage of the numerous networking opportunities to create a real dialogue.

  • Keynote – Next generation sustainability at The University of British Columbia: beyond harm reduction. John Robinson, Associate Provost, Sustainability, The University of British Columbia (24 March)
  • Think Local, Act Global! Global insight to UK sustainability challenges (24 March)
  • Promoting South-North partnerships on Higher Education for Sustainability through GUPES – the Global University Partnership for Environment on Sustainability (25 March)
  • Linking with Europe – mapping and building sustainability across universities and colleges in Europe (25 March)

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Special Member rates

We have special rates for EAUC Members to attend the whole Conference or any of the Summits. We hope you consider attending the whole Conference including the evening Gala Dinner so you get the full Conference experience. We hope to see you in March!

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