Bangor leads Welsh universities in NSS

Bangor University again leads Welsh universities in the most recent measure of student satisfaction

The results are drawn from the National Student Survey (NSS), a poll of around half a million graduating students at each university in the UK, which provides the most comprehensive feedback on the student experience at each institution.

Professor Oliver Turnbull, Pro Vice-Chancellor for Teaching & Learning at Bangor University commented on the results saying: “As well as a long record of academic excellence, Bangor is renowned for providing excellent teaching and student support, and this is borne out by these wonderful results. We’ve successfully introduced initiatives to give students a stronger voice in the University, and that approach is reflected in these marvellous results.

“The fact that almost one quarter of our degree subjects have a 100% satisfaction rate is clearly to be celebrated, as is our 91% overall satisfaction score, which places us level with Oxford University, and ranked higher than every other Russell Group institution.” 

As well as topping the overall table in Wales, and being joint 8th among the UK’s non-specialist universities, Bangor tops the UK tables in six subjects, according to graduate feedback, and is top in Wales in 12 subjects. In addition to this, the University appears in the top 10 in the UK for 19 of the 39 subject areas taught at the University. 

The survey questions students about the teaching on their course, assessment and feedback, academic support and organisation and management, learning resources and how their personal development is supported. Bangor University’s students responded favourably, placing the University in the ‘top 10’ institutions UK-wide in four of these areas: teaching; assessment/feedback; academic support and personal development, and leads Welsh Universities in five of the six categories – being placed second in one category. 

Prof Turnbull added: “The data provides valuable information to prospective students, and reflects our expertise in teaching, for which we have recently been awarded a Higher Education Academy Award to enable us to share our best practice with other UK higher education institutions.”

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