Bangor academic gives Bear Grylls top advice

A Bangor University academic has been providing her expertise for adventurer Bear Grylls’ new TV series

Dr Lynda Yorke, a lecturer at the School of Environment, Natural Resources and Geography, appears in an episode of Britain’s Biggest Adventures with Bear Grylls.

In the new three-part series for ITV, Bear heads out on an epic journey of discovery across England, Scotland and Wales to experience the British Isles at their most spectacular.

The second episode, which airs on Tuesday 22nd September at 9pm on ITV, sees Bear exploring one of England’s most iconic landscapes, the Yorkshire Dales, going on an extraordinary adventure through this spectacular terrain.

Bear’s adventure starts at one of the most impressive limestone formations in the world, the magnificent amphitheatre of Malham Cove. 

During this episode, he meets geographer Dr Yorke who tells Bear that, 350 million years ago, the high limestone pavement they are standing on was in fact under a tropical ocean, that was pushed upwards by volcanic eruptions and north by plate tectonics.

Of her experience of working with Bear Grylls, Dr Yorke said: “I am always passionate about communicating science to new audiences. While landscapes like Malham Cove look really spectacular, I believe that knowing something about how they were formed and how they continue to evolve enhances our enjoyment and appreciation of them. As a geographer, that’s what I love to do – unravel the secrets of landscapes, past and present!”



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