Awarding sustainability excellence

The Green Gown Awards recognise the exceptional sustainability initiatives being undertaken by universities across the UK

The Green Gown Awards are a great way to raise your personal profile and showcase your institution’s sustainability agenda, acknowledging your team’s efforts, engaging your staff and students, gaining recognition from senior management and obtaining UK and international recognition.

All 14 award categories are open to any tertiary education establishment – including all post-16 educational institutions such as colleges, universities and learning and skills institutions. Specific categories are also aimed at student and 3rd party applicants.

Whether you are big or small, judges have the discretion to award up to two winners per category and we are sure there is a category which fits your project. Here we share with your our Top 10 Tips for Awards success and encourage you to apply. 

1. Be in it to win it
Make sure that your application does not let you down. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. If someone else in your institution has had experience in submitting a winning/highly commended application before and/or you would like a mentor to help you through the process, then ask your peers for guidance.

2. Time management
Make sure that you allow yourself plenty of time to both consider and develop your entry. Plan ahead. Consider the Awards criteria when planning your project.

3. Preparation
Make sure you read the entry criteria for each category and the entry rules before you start to complete your application. 

4. Do your research. Learn from the best – visit
Take a look at the 360+ case studies and videos from past Finalists and take time to read their “top 3 project learnings”. 

5. Think about your audience
Consider who will be reading your entry. The judging panel is made up of a cross section of tertiary education and industry experts. Imagine you are one of the judges and think through what you would want and need to read to be able to judge an entry.

6. Keep it simple
Focus on what the judges are actually asking for in the category criteria. Don’t just fill your submission with the contents of existing sales and marketing materials. Make sure the submission is succinct, clear and easy to understand.

7. Numbers
Use real figures which you can substantiate, so they provide an accurate representation of your achievement and emphasise the benefits. The website provides a list of figures to include depending on each category.

8. Shout loud and clear about your achievements
Don’t be a wallflower, make sure that your entry highlights the sense of pride you have in the things you have achieved. Prove you’re the best! 

9. If at first…
Learn from the experience. If you don’t win at the first attempt, learn from the process and try again next time. Use Award entry as a tool for assessing and benchmarking your performance. 

10. We are here to help
If you still need some guidance or are unsure about your application or where to begin, then please contact us. We are here to help and we want to encourage as many of you as possible to apply for a Green Gown Award – contact us at

Visit the website for a full list of categories, how to enter, FAQs, the full list of Top Tips and read up on the valuable case studies and watch the short videos from past Finalists  

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