Ask the experts: campus safety

Student safety now extends beyond just the physical and includes their mental wellbeing as well, says AIT

Of course, all universities have a duty of care to keep their students and staff safe and there is a strong commercial benefit to providing a safe campus. As tuition fees have risen, so have students’ (and their parents’) expectations; they have become consumers, who demand good facilities delivered with their safety and welfare in mind. Offering a safe campus also enhances a university’s reputation, giving them a competitive edge over other institutions.

There won’t be many universities that don’t have some form of access control, CCTV or ID cards, but what we at AIT find is many don’t leverage the full power of these solutions, either by not taking full advantage of  all the features available or by failing to integrate them together to deliver a more powerful security system. 

Integrating all security solutions under one umbrella offers a single platform to manage several different security systems including CCTV, access control and intruder detection, as well as attendance and engagement monitoring. 

This level of integration offers a great understanding of who is on campus, where they are and how building flows are working. It also means incidents are not missed and are responded to quickly.To tackle students’ mental wellbeing, early warning signs need to be picked up quickly, so understanding how engaged a student is in campus life is crucial, it’s no longer enough to just record attendance. Understanding how students interact with campus life is also needed. Integrating security systems with attendance and engagement solutions delivers the powerful insights needed to help your staff spot at-risk students quickly. Some may think of this as a bit of a big brother approach but we would argue this is not the case; it is more about the welfare and personal safety of students and the security of the organisation.  

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