As dead as a dodo?

Graham Rowe, Programme Leader for Biology at the University of Derby, will give a public lecture in support of Biology Week 2014

The lecture will track our understanding of the Dodo from the 17th century descriptions and representations, through to Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland (1865), the film Ice Age (2002) and beyond. The University recently purchased an anatomically correct reconstruction of a Dodo skeleton cast from existing specimens, which will be present at the talk.

Graham comments: “I will also discuss the surprising insights into the Dodo’s evolutionary origins and relationships with other birds revealed by recent scientific studies on the skeletal anatomy and DNA research on the mummified remains.

“We would like to invite everyone who is interested in biology, and in particular the history of the Dodo to come along to the open lecture.” 

Biology Week will take place between October 11-18 2014, and is part of a series of national events in celebration of Biosciences. The public lecture will be held on Wednesday October 15 from 6.30pm-7.30pm at the University of Derby, Kedleston Road Site.

To book a seat to attend, please go to:  and for more information on Biology Week please visit:

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