Are students ready for a new social network?

New online university network, Campus Society, set to officially launch this August

Music producer Rashid Ajami has announced the soft launch of Campus Society, a new collaboration platform for university students around the world.

The idea behind the new social network, which already has more than 12,500 members and aims to have 1.5million by next spring, is to give students an online platform to share knowledge, collaborate and network around their studies.

Based in London, Campus Society has reportedly already raised over £3.5m from investors to develop and market the site to students worldwide. Its management team is led by Chief Technical Officer Feroze Rub, formerly the founding partner of OYBike Systems.

Campus Society is set to agree strategic partnerships with a number of key university bodies and hopes to announce these shortly.

Founder and CEO Rashid Ajami: “As well as enhancing their studies, the site has been designed to give students access to an enormous amount of information at both a local level so that students reading the same subject can link up and exchange ideas, and also on a more practical level, gives them a channel for sharing information.”


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