Advantages of social login

More and more online platforms are allowing users to sign in directly from their Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter accounts

In 2015, 88% of consumers in the US say they have used social login, an 11% increase on the previous year. Whilst a bespoke login portal may seem the best way to create a personalised experience and secure the vital contact details – it could be working to your detriment, ruining your users’ experiences. Here we run through six of social login’s big advantages.

Increased Usability

Logging in via a social platform with which users are already familiar can ensure that they will be able to navigate the login process and access your services. Simplifying login can be the difference between potential users adopting your platform or fleeing at the sign in page.

Research from the University of Dundee revealed that over 60% of their students actively used social media platforms to sign up to third party websites. Less technologically savvy users in particular will greatly appreciate a simplified login process via social accounts, rather than the time-consuming and sometimes daunting process of creating a new account.

Greater Feedback

The interaction functionality of social media platforms accommodates simplified feedback. Signing in via a social media platform makes it easier to leave comments, share stories and more. This can significantly increase the reach of your platform and generate interest in more sign ups. Creating a sense of community upon your platform can exponentially grow interaction, reach and efficacy with minimal input from admins.

Improved Security

Although many social login detractors argue that this method of accessing an online platform is rife for exploitation, there is evidence to suggest it actually offers improved security and reliability. Social platforms such as Facebook and Google has the might of multi-million dollar organisations behind their security systems – providing a much more robust protective layer than most IT departments can offer in a bespoke model.

Identity and Access Management experts, ProofID, explain: “An intelligently implemented social login system can offer invaluable protection to your online platform, and any sensitive data provided within. The additional tracking and protection afforded by social login can simplify the process of securing your online data.”

Personalised Experiences

Catering to the users’ specific interests and tastes, platforms utilising social login can adapt their services to provide a more personalised experience. This will improve the user experience endlessly, and increase the relevance of the content and services provided. Social logins give you the opportunity to offer additional services which will appeal to your users – based upon their saved interests and ‘likes’.

Data Gatherer

Many users of social platforms such as Facebook are more likely to share more information on these platforms than during the creation of a bespoke login. A large percentage of Facebook users share their favourite films, musicians and pastimes on the platform. So, implementing social login means you can gain access to goldmine (restricted only by the controls of the user signing up) of information which you can use during research & development, marketing and much more. This simple data gathering process, whereby end users give you permission to access their data held in social platforms, could replace months of costly market research – helping to improve your services and the customers’ overall journeys.

Targeted Advertising

If your platform is funded partially or wholly by advertising, social login can improve your site’s value to advertisers. Again the access to interests and tastes can simplify the process of ensuring that all advertising is effectively targeted towards potentially interested parties. Advertisers may look kindly upon your platform if you can guarantee better targeted advertising – giving you a little extra leverage when negotiating fees.


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