A Wellcome boost for UK HE

A group of 25 universities across the UK have received new grants from the Wellcome Trust to support biomedical research

Twenty-five universities across the UK, from Aberdeen to Cardiff, have received grants from the Wellcome Trust, through the £38m Institutional Strategic Support Fund (ISSF), to support biomedical research and related activities over the next two years.

In its second year, the scheme provides UK-based universities with the chance to invest flexibly in strategic areas of importance across their portfolios. Awards are between £600,000 and £3 million, and each university has agreed to match the Trust’s contribution with an equivalent investment.

Funded universities are encouraged to invest in areas of unmet need, such as early careers, collaboration and interdisciplinary initiatives. The ISSF scheme gives universities the freedom to determine how best to deliver on this very broad remit.

Dr Jeremy Farrar, Director of the Wellcome Trust, said: ‘The scheme is distinctive because it allows universities themselves to identify where money can be most usefully spent in pursuit of their and our strategic objectives, ranging from supporting the early careers of researchers to focusing on resources needed to develop really excellent public engagement or investment in cutting-edge research.’

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