Demystifying air purification

How to clear up your COVID mitigation strategy

With debate raging about COVID mitigation measures in education, institutions are currently working through a variety of challenges, often with unclear guidance on solutions and best practice.

One of the key mitigation measures agreed on is ventilation and indoor air quality, but what is the best solution?

The UK Department for Education announced that carbon dioxide monitors are to be made available to institutions next to help combat the virus. This step will indicate the extent of a facility’s indoor air quality problem, but will not resolve it.

Join our panel of  experts as we explore: the  science behind air quality as a COVID mitigation measure; the different air purification technologies available; and  the best solutions for institutions of varying scale to confidently protect students and staff, while managing costs.

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We will discuss:

  • The science behind controlling and mitigating airborne infectious disease
  • Practical advice for institutions at every level to help with COVID mitigation strategy
  • The cost implications of portable air purification versus integrated Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning systems


Christian Hendriksen - Co-founder and CEO, Rensair

After a career in financial services, Christian set up Rensair in 2020 to produce the air purifier originally invented by his father for hospitals. Rensair now has operations on 3 continents to meet demand driven by the pandemic. A Danish national resident in the UK, he has a MSc in Finance and Accounting from Copenhagen Business School.

Edward Ballsdon - Co-founder and Managing Director, Rensair

Edward joined Rensair to expand operations in Europe, the USA and Asia and meet commercial demand driven by the pandemic. He provides technical guidance on indoor air quality to organisations across all sectors, with a particular interest in shared spaces within the field of education. Edward was previously a hedge fund macro and financial market analyst and investment banker.

By registering for this webinar you agree we will also share your information with the webinar partners Rensair. For full terms read our privacy policy.

Webinar in association with:

Rensair is a specialist in air purification, protecting and enhancing lives through clean air. Our patented technology, which combines H13 HEPA filtration with germicidal UVC light, was developed to meet the strict standards of Scandinavian hospitals and is independently validated by scientific research laboratories. Rensair’s portable air purifier offers schools and universities a practical, affordable and effective method for mitigating the risk of transmitting Covid-19 and other viruses and bacteria. With efficacy greater than 99.97%, performance can be at least as good as, if not better than, an in-built ventilation system at a fraction of the cost. Further savings can be made by reducing energy consumption for heating fresh air intake during winter.


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