What is safety in a post-COVID world?

Has crisis taught us how to protect institutions better in future?

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When the pandemic hit in 2020, education institutions and personnel had to rapidly adjust to teaching, learning and working remotely. As institutions begin to bring people back on site, more adjustment is needed.

As in every crisis there is opportunity to improve for the future and so, the education sector must ask itself:

What is safe? What is clean? And, how can we better prepare for next time, to possibly even avoid closing facilities entirely.

Join our expert panel as we discuss how to ensure spaces are truly safe and clean, incident prevention and response, how to prepare for the unexpected and more.


Werner Du Plessis

As a NEBOSH safety Certificate holder I enjoyed creating safe and clean schools in London when I was a facilities manager for a school federation. This lead me to Denis Rawlins where I educate and supply innovative means to soft service facilities managers and cleaning companies. The success is based on our simple method of clean that also reduces slips and falls by 50%.

Christian Harris

Christian Harris is the founder of Slip Safety Services and the host of Safety & Risk Success Podcast. He’s helped over 5,000 clients and dozens of insurers, lawyers and facilities management companies to reduce slip-and-fall accidents by more than 50% over the last decade. At last count, Christian’s work was preventing around £10m of insurance claims per year.

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With over 5 decades of experience in the facilities management and the cleaning industry, Denis Rawlins Ltd has a reputation for innovative solutions. We educate the market on simple scientific cleaning processes while suppling innovative equipment with a proven ROI.  Our 3 step process Remove, Improve and Protect leaves your sites safe for everyone. 


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