What is the secret to sustainability and wellbeing in education?


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  • Are you struggling to eradicate single-use plastic water bottles from your education facility?
  • We'll discuss this urgent and topical problem and the alternatives and solutions available.


  • The problem and the environmental impact – the home truths about single-use plastic water bottles
  • Government targets – what goals are we being tasked with working towards
  • Why it is important that sustainable action and choice is a priority in the education sector
  • The solution - how can we completely eradicate single use plastic water bottles for good?


 As well as influencing the next generation, education facilities
play host to a high number of students and teachers each day – all of whom need to stay hydrated, but at what cost?


With unrivalled expertise in filtered boiling, chilled and sparkling water, Zip Water is known globally for being home to the world’s most advanced range of drinking water solutions. Founded in Australia in 1947, we’ve always been innovators, advancing and perfecting our drinking water technology for decades. Today, we provide businesses and homes in more than 70 countries with an extensive range of high-quality drinking and hot water solutions, designed to transform the way individuals, organisations and businesses provide water, for good.


The values at the core of our products are simple – quality craftsmanship, unparalleled design, unbeatable technology and a sustainability promise. Our dedication to developing world-leading drinking water systems that positively impact health and wellbeing, as well as the planet, mean that you can trust in the quality of every single system we produce. On top of the continual development of innovative energy efficient technology, Zip is committed to helping reduce the worldwide plastic waste problem by providing an alternative to single-use plastic drinking water bottles, encouraging the world to reuse, refill and refresh.

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Blended learning – Did we forget about the students?

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Wednesday, June 15, 11AM London BST

Join our expert panel as we look at what blended learning means in 2022 and how universities can meet the needs of ever more diverse student expectations.

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