Student recruitment - Conversions masterclass

How to optimise every level of the funnel

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Student recruitment is critical to the success of every institution. While some students still want the full campus experience, more and more are looking to online courses and have never had more choice. 

With so many options open to new students, universities must make the most of every engagement. 

In this exclusive event for Directors, Department Heads and all decision-makers at institutions, our expert panel will look to the challenges student marketers face, how to identify the metrics that matter, measure return on investment and in turn engage your key stakeholders when it comes to talking budget.

We will discuss how to track and measure ROI from the very first click on an advert through to enrolment and improve conversion at every stage of the funnel.


Nick Willmer, Head of Education, Net Natives and Akero

Nick has worked in digital student recruitment for over 13 years. He has worked across the education sector with a range of universities, business schools and private institutions around the world. He has a passion for using technology to track and understand the student journey and conversion from initial contact to enrolled student. He has pioneered the setup and integration of technology stacks to boost student recruitment numbers for many of Net Natives’ clients.

Alex Calder, Product Director, Akero

Alex has five years’ experience working with international higher education institutions and holds a first-class degree in Anthropology and an MSc (with merit) in Intellectual History from the University of Sussex. Alex is also Google Squared Certified and has taken courses in behavioural psychology and conversion rate optimisation.

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Understand your brand, your audience, their needs and behaviours with unrivalled insights and data.

Reach students in the right place, on the platforms they’re using.

Attract students at the right time, and make a meaningful personalised connection that builds trust and loyalty.

Nurture and engage for stronger conversion rates.


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