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Leveraging payment trends to improve student experience


The retail sector has been through tremendous transformation during the pandemic and payment technologies have played a key role in this. Omnichannel, digital wallets and Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) are the 3 big payment trends that help shape the new customer experience for retailers. However the use cases for these payment technologies are far beyond just the retail sector. In this webinar, we’ll explore how education providers could leverage these payment trends and create better student experience.

We will discuss

  • What is an omni-channel model and how can it be used for education?
  • How can digital wallets improve the student experience?
  • How can buy-now-pay-later be integrated for education?


Zhiyi You - Senior Strategy Manager, Vertical Growth, Worldpay from FIS

Zhiyi focuses on growing Worldpay’s business in the Education vertical by delivering transformative payment technologies. He also brings in his extensive experience in digital technologies to help shape Worldpay’s value propositions for both education institutions and Edtech companies. Zhiyi started his career at EY as a strategy consultant where he led strategy projects focusing on growth and innovation with clients across multiple sectors including Education.

Webinar in association with:

Worldpay from FIS has extensive experience working with the education sector to optimize payments processing to ensure courses and content reach audiences globally across a variety of channels. We understand that education and e-Learning providers are continuously adapting, looking to digitise and scale. This requires a smart payments partner who can keep up and help mitigate inefficient user experiences, limited options for paying out tutor commissions, and limited geographic and payment method coverage to enable a well-rounded learning experience.


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