Fighting the silent killer on campus

A guide to asbestos, safety, compliance and sustainability in education

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Recent safety discussions in education have rightly focused on protecting staff and students from COVID, but there are still other significant dangers on campus, which educational facilities are required to manage.

In the last year 22 teachers died from mesothelioma in the UK as a result of exposure to asbestos whilst at work.

Educational buildings constructed between 1950 and 1985 are a particular risk of this danger, due to the large amount of building materials containing asbestos used in their construction. Staff, students and visitors must be protected from this silent killer, therefore it is imperative that asbestos risk is managed safely and in line with legislative requirements. 

The good news is that a carefully planned strategy and the correct procedures in place can not only keep people safe from the risk of asbestos exposure but also ensure overall asbestos compliance; giving the duty holders peace of mind that the risks are under control and managed in accordance with CAR2012 .  

When looking at asbestos risk a main factor to take into consideration is the environmental impact of the works undertaken in the steps to compliance, it becomes extremely important to also focus attention on Sustainability and ways to contribute to a greener environment as clients and suppliers alike work towards their Sustainability goals.

In this webinar our expert panel discuss the risks, solutions and how careful, sustainable facilities planning can improve overall wellbeing for students and staff at all levels in education.


Kimberley Johnson

Now the Head of Business Development for the Lucion Services group, Kim started her career as a Surveyor/Analyst in the field before moving into Project Management, Commercial Management and into Business Development. Providing trusted risk management advice to our valued client base with the New Business Team. Kim has extensive knowledge of the educational sector, providing support, advice and solution packages to many of our valued Education clients throughout the UK. Helping everyone in their journey to a safer and greener world is a key focus for Kim and her team.

Larne Fuller

Now Area Director for the South East, Larne started his career as an analyst and surveyor in the field before moving through project management, consultancy and overseeing commercial and operational activities. Larne has oversight of work currently being conducted by Lucion Environmental for schools, local authorities and universities, providing him with a firm understanding of the unique challenges faced by these institutions today


Jane Adamson

Formerly managing director of a UKAS accredited asbestos company (since 1985) where she gained significant experience in all sectors from the Public Sector, Education and Local Authorities. Jane is a qualified Occupational Hygienist who carries the Certificate of Competence in Asbestos and has been an approved trainer for six British Occupational Hygiene Society proficiency modules Most recently Jane has been working as the Interim Asbestos Manager at University College London (UCL), which was founded in 1826 and currently has a portfolio of over 400 buildings. Due to its age and scale, UCL has experienced and overcome most of the issues faced by education facilities in managing asbestos.

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