Are all your students along for the ride?

How to build an inclusive digital journey, from onboarding to graduation and beyond

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As with wider society the modern student journey is travelled more and more online. From recruitment and onboarding, through to graduation, alumni engagement and everything in-between, digital touch points are the key to a great student experience.

But, are we ensuring everyone can go on the same journey?

Even during constantly changing times, digital journeys need to provide engaging interaction that everyone can access and reflect the diversity of a university’s student community.

Our expert panel discussed how to build excellence in your student journey both now and in the future.


  • Diversity and inclusion – How to ensure your student engagement activity speaks to everyone
  • Access – How to overcome the digital divide
  • Don’t forget your alumni – How to keep your past students engaged and learn how they can help recruit and onboard new students
  • Technology – What engagement tools are available and how to get the best from them


Lenka Forrest, Head of Student Recruitment, University College Cork, Ireland

Lenka has been working in the Irish Higher Education sector for the last five years and, prior to that, she worked in hospitality and ICT. Lenka’s passion and expertise lies in customer-facing ‘front-office’ roles but she is equally adept at back-office responsibilities. In all of her roles to date, she has used various digital platforms to engage with their customers – hotel guests, tech gadgets users or now, in her latest role, prospective students.

Gavin Newman, CEO, iVent, UK

Gavin is Leading specialist in virtual events, CEO at Ivent and lecturer at a UK University on the digital event solutions portion of the MA in creative event management. He has been working with universities since 2011, pioneering the digital event & marketing space on their behalf with over 70 institutions relying on his unrivalled knowledge and experience to drive success for them. He is asked to speak regularly on the subject including contributing recently to a Westminster Forum debate on how to successfully recruit international students, post Brexit, alongside representatives of various government departments. He was also a headline speaker at the Digital Transformation in Higher Education event hosted at the University of London in 2017

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iVent have developed over 100 different virtual environments for universities & colleges globally since 2011. In 2019 eighteen new education clients came on board from across the world including 3 in Australia

The team at ivent is hugely experienced in operating alongside an institution’s current event and marketing team working with their current strategy to help integrate the virtual engagement solution to seamlessly support their existing activity.  . With 10 years of experience and over 6000 university & college events delivered we’ve successfully utilised this strategy to drive success for our clients.


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