Advancing agile spaces in education

How technology can improve facilities, sustainability and student experience

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With the campus once again becoming the focal point of the student experience, universities have the opportunity to reconsider how to make the best use of their spaces.

Taking an agile view and making the best use of new technologies, can transform campuses into a more enjoyable space for staff and students, while also making efficient use of facilities and meeting sustainability goals.

Alongside our expert panel we discussed how institutions can re-think their estate, what part technology has to play, and how the campus can be at the heart of a sustainable, enjoyable experience for students. Now and into the future.

We discussed...

  • New battery technology and how smarter power distribution can open up spaces
  • How an agile approach to facilities can make universities more sustainable
  • Don’t forget your people. How to ensure the campus meets the changing needs of staff and students


Scott Douglas, Education Consultant, OE Electrics

With a background in commercial space and an intimate knowledge of how educational spaces work, Scott uses his expertise to advise how integrating new charging and battery technology into furniture can make, once underutilised spaces, more agile, efficient and effective.

Tim Hobbs, Technical Director, OE Electrics

Since 1986 Tim has helped shape the way we think about power and charging in education and commercial spaces. From OE's first 'roll-over' unit, which was designed on a train! to the world’s first scalable battery-powered ecosystem for integrating DC and AC power into furniture.

Tim Fagan, Northern Account Manager, bof

With 15 years in the furniture industry, Tim has worked on numerous large furniture projects across education, healthcare and the private sector. Working alongside architects and interior designers, Tim aims to try and create inspiring environments for both working and learning

Webinar in association with:

When you rely on your devices to study (and socialize) it’s essential to have somewhere to charge them. Many universities implement ‘Bring your own device’ schemes, but during high-traffic, high-stress periods like exam season, lacking places to power up is all too familiar – not to mention frustrating.

OE Electrics collaborates with educational venues to establish successful, digital learning environments. Our range of agile power solutions ensures access to power wherever students need it: lecture theatres, libraries, canteens, and halls of residence. Our new ANIMATE range allows flexible charging, ensuring a safe, socially distanced environment.


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