Studying abroad broadens the mind…

… and thickens the wallet, as it’s revealed that UK universities are the fifth most expensive in the world for Brits to attend

Attending university in the UK is the fifth most expensive place in the world for British students, according to new research from personal finance comparison site

With every public university in the UK charging £9,250 per year for British students to attend, they are paying almost four times more than they would in most developed countries.

Globally, the minimum cost of a year’s tuition at a public university is £2,536 on average, with most European countries charging under £1,000 per year for UK students.

Particularly attractive options include Denmark, where it is free to study and has over 700 courses taught in English; France, with Paris voted the best city in the world for students and courses costing £170; and the Netherlands, where it costs £1,752 for a year’s study and 60 per cent of their courses are taught in English.

The United States is the priciest of the four pricier countries, with minimum yearly costs at a public university averaging £19,968; this could rise as high as £36,000 at more prestigious universities.

Country Minimum yearly fee for students from the UK
United States £19,968
New Zealand £14,335
Australia £11,453
Canada £10,376
United Kingdom £9,250
Hong Kong £8,963
Singapore £7,794
Israel £7,015
Lebanon £6,266
Cuba £5,250

The 10 most expensive countries for UK students to study in

Jon Ostler, UK CEO at, said: “The rise of technology and cheap flights has made the prospect of studying abroad much more realistic and less daunting than it was for previous generations. A large amount of international courses are being taught in English, and if British students don’t feel like our universities offer them value for money then they won’t hesitate to consider alternatives.

“However, something worth keeping an eye on is whether Brexit leads the UK to leave the European Economic Area (EEA) as well as the EU. In this scenario, it is likely that tuition fees for Brits would have to be negotiated with each country, increasing the likelihood that they might shoot up.

“Also, bear in mind that traditional student loans aren’t available when studying abroad, although some countries do offer schemes to help foreign students fund their stay”.

To see the full list of global tuition costs for British students, the average cost of living in each country and an interactive map, click here.

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