Erasmus+ awards open doors overseas for Edinburgh

Record numbers of Edinburgh students and staff will benefit from a new international funding scheme in 2016/17

Edinburgh University will provide 99 funded opportunities for students and staff to undertake an international exchange at overseas partner institutions. Funded opportunities at Edinburgh will be available for 139 staff and students from international partners.

The increase comes after the University was awarded over 20% of the entire UK fund for this year’s Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility initiative. The newly created European Union programme provides funding to support exchanges for students and staff to and from non-EU partner institutions around the world.

Alan Mackay, Deputy Vice-Principal International and Director of the International Office at the University of Edinburgh said: “Following a competitive funding process, we are delighted to have secured over one million euros in Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility funding, which will enable us to provide funded international opportunities for Edinburgh students and staff and their counterparts in 21 leading institutions. Being awarded over 20% of the national budget for this new initiative is further recognition of the quality of our partnerships and our exchange management expertise and builds on our success in recent competitive funding rounds for Erasmus+. 

“The Erasmus+ International Credit Mobility scheme bolsters the University’s commitment to internationalisation, mobility and worldwide knowledge exchange. Visiting students and staff will be able to experience a world class university and city whilst Edinburgh students from all backgrounds will get to further their experiences in 14 different nations across the world.”

Partners include 21 leading institutions from 14 non-EU countries in four continents: namely Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, India, the Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Mexico, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, Thailand, Uganda and the United States.

Established in 2014, the 14.7 billion euro Erasmus+ programme provides work and study options for students and staff in non-EU countries. The programme in the UK is managed by the British Council, which has allocated £4.3m to 44 projects in 2016/17.

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