Coventry’s Confucius Institute strengthens links with China

The Confucius Institute will help local businesses improve their understanding of the Chinese market

Coventry University’s Confucius Institute, the only organisation of its kind in the West Midlands, will be officially launched on Thursday 12th May.

This collaboration between Coventry University and Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics (JUFE) in Nanchang, south-east China, aims to develop and improve business and educational links between the West Midlands and China.

Coventry’s modern Confucius Institute will be a unique addition to the other 29 Institutes across the UK as it will focus on working closely with local businesses to enhance their understanding of the Chinese market, as well as providing other activities around language and culture.

As part of a day of events to mark the launch, the University will welcome Minister Ni Jian and Minister Counsellor Shen Yang from the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in the UK.

Coventry has a long history of engagement with China and there are many points of connection between there and our region – Professor John Latham, Vice-Chancellor

Professor John Latham, Vice-Chancellor of Coventry University, said: “Coventry has a long history of engagement with China and there are many points of connection between there and our region. The recasting of our industrial heritage around new growth opportunities and the development of advanced manufacturing techniques has strengthened our links and we are delighted that we will now have another point of focus for business, as well as social and cultural engagement.”

The launch event on Thursday lunchtime will feature speakers, artistic performances by students and staff from Coventry University and JUFE, as well as a range of arts and cultural activities for anyone in University Square.

Dr David Pilsbury, Deputy Vice Chancellor for International Development, added: “In the spirit of the Confucius Institute we were very keen to involve students, staff and the wider community in the celebration, as an indication of how we intend to move forward. The Institute will open immediately after the launch with a range of courses and events aimed at all ages and sectors of the regional community, from primary schools to local businesses.”

“Our Confucius Institute is for everyone. The public, our regional business community, students and staff and could become one of the West Midlands’ chief business and cultural connections to China.”

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