Bedfordshire Uni to deliver UK undergrad courses in Jordan

The institution has joined with Middle East University in Jordan and the London School of Commerce

The partnership is the first to deliver UK undergraduate programmes in Jordan, and will see a range of courses delivered at MEU, with some classes taught in conjunction with LSC.

Courses will include:

 – Marketing

 – Business Managemen

 – Graphic Desig

 – International Finance & Bankin

 – International Busines

 – Media Production

The following postgraduate courses will also be offered:

 – Marketing

 – Cyber Security

 – MBA Administration

Bedfordshire’s Vice Chancellor Bill Rammell said: “This partnership will meet the needs of Jordanians who study international programmes in high school, but who for a variety of reasons cannot study abroad. It will serve a broader regional purpose in meeting the needs of those who want and need to study international programmes.

“Partnerships like this play an essential role in shaping international relations, founded on a shared commitment to intellectual achievement.”

Bedfordshire has a long-standing tradition of developing lasting partnerships with academic institutes all over the world, in countries including Oman, Singapore, Vietnam, Egypt and Nepal.

“We are firm believers in the internationalisation of higher education. When students from different countries work together, and experience and learn from each other’s cultures and perspectives, education becomes a force for good.”

Find out more about the partnership here.

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