67% of university students back second referendum

Almost 3,000 university students give their take on Brexit and what that means for their future career options

A poll of 2,900 university students undertaken by Campus Society, the UK’s largest social network for those in higher education, reveals that:

  • 67% of university students back a second referendum, indicating their support for Britain remaining in the EU
  • 78% are worried Brexit will impact their ability to choose where they work and live
  • 72% are concerned the referendum will impact their international job prospects
  • 67% worry Brexit will compromise their ability to secure UK jobs

Campus Society shares its research to give its members a collective voice on one of the most divisive issues of our time.

Rashid Ajami, CEO and founder of Campus Society, says: “University students have made it clear by what the Leave vote means for them. This is with good reason – many students were voting for their future but have fallen victim to a system that may end up reducing their chances of finding a job and having a secure future.

“While only now are most people beginning to understand what life outside the EU will look like, for students across the country the implications for both their time on campus and their career aspirations that follow are profound.”

About the survey

2,900 students from Campus Society’s platform participated in this survey between 5-10 February 2019.

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