New network for LGBTQ+ postgraduate researchers

University Alliance will bring together LGBTQ+ postgraduate researchers in “a supportive peer environment”

University Alliance (UA) has launched a network for LGBTQ+ postgraduate researchers (PGRs).

Set in motion to coincide with LGBTQ+ history month throughout February, the group is intended to offer a supportive environment to LGBTQ+ PGRs studying as part of UA’s nationwide doctoral training initiative, the Doctoral Training Alliance (DTA).  

The DTA has set up several such researcher networks during the Covid-19 pandemic, including one for women, one for BAME communities and another for those living alone in lockdown. PGRs coordinate these groups via WhatsApp groups and virtual gatherings.

This work is a continuous journey and we should always be striving to do more – Professor Debra Humphris

“I am proud that as an openly LGBTQ+ leader, I am also chair of a group of universities that is putting equality, diversity and inclusion at the heart of our mission,” said UA chair Professor Debra Humphris – who is also vice-chancellor of the University of Brighton and one of the few openly LGBTQ+ leaders in the higher education sector – in a video interview with group coordinator and PhD researcher Benjamin Archer.

“As leaders we have a responsibility to create conditions in our institutions to support individuals to be their most authentic selves. Whilst across the Alliance we have a strong record on and a real commitment to diversity and inclusion, this work is a continuous journey and we should always be striving to do more. I am pleased that networks, like the LGBTQ+ that DTA are running, will create inclusive spaces and be driven by the power and energy of those within them to generate wider change in our institutions.”

University of Brighton vice-chancellor Professor Debra Humphris will be interviewed at Talking Higher Ed, UB’s virtual event, on Wed 24 March. Register for free now.

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