Green Gown Awards 2020: ‘Hope for a green recovery’

Awarding sustainability excellence in extraordinary times

The Green Gown Awards 2020 (UK & Ireland) provide the higher education sector with benchmarks for sustainability excellence and are respected by governments, funding councils, senior management, academics, and students. This year’s finalists are no exception.

Representing over 850,000 students and 130,000 staff, they are leading the way with their commitment to the global sustainability agenda and proving the value that universities and colleges bring to the economy and society even in the most challenging times.

The finalists emphasise an institution’s role in enabling and empowering young people to tackle pressing global issues to ensure they have a better tomorrow. Finalist projects show the power post-16 education possesses and the seriousness with which it takes its responsibility in creating a better world and a new generation of leaders.

Green Gown Awards 2020: ‘Hope for a green recovery and more sustainable future’

Reflecting on this year’s submissions, Iain Patton, CEO, EAUC says: “It’s safe to say everything has turned upside down this year. But what is remarkable, is the pure determination and resilience shown by our sector.

“Receiving so many applications from our sustainability communities in this challenging year, and reading their inspiring projects is truly heart-warming in these uncertain times and builds hope for a green recovery and more sustainable future. It is important to recognise and applaud each and every applicant, not only the finalists, and encourage them to continue on their sustainability paths, which is now more critical than ever.”

Huge congratulations to all finalists from everyone at EAUC, our judges and the Awards Steering Group! Stage 2 is now open to all finalists. Winners will be announced at the awards ceremony to take place in March/April 2021.

To view the 2020 finalists, visit

Learning from good practice is at the heart of the Green Gown Awards. Sign up now to learn from UK and Ireland, as well as international, Green Gown Awards 2020 winners at the EAUC Global Climate 2020 on 16-20 November.

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