What is VT2000?

VT2000 is a gold standard software solution designed specifically for higher education organisations to manage hourly paid and casual staff

T2000 provides a flexible, automated and intuitive solution for universities and colleges to easily manage their hourly paid staff, saving time and money.

What does VT2000 do?

VT2000 automates the end-to-end management of hourly paid staff and integrates with existing HR and payroll systems. With VT2000 you can:

Automatically on-board new staff onto existing HR systems without having to re-enter employee information

Submit and approve pay claims with an online process that can be accessed anywhere from a smart device

Eliminate the need for payroll staff to manually check claims against work contracts

Manage department budgets independently while your finance team keeps control of the budget allocations throughout the year

Generate reports for all purposes in real time, including contract summaries, claim summaries, financial reporting and much more.

What our clients say

“VT2000 has allowed us to automate our payroll functions; we have moved from using a purely paper-based method of claiming and authorising hours worked to a fully electronic process.”
Payroll Manager Solent University

“VT2000 has modernised and greatly improved our processes for
hourly paid appointments and I would recommend this system to
other universities.”
HR Systems Manager City University of London

“City, University of London has been using VT2000 for over five years and I have been extremely impressed with General Technology’s friendly and collaborative approach in working with us to add value to our processes.

For example, General Technology recently developed and installed customised options within VT to allow us to better manage the contracts of hourly paid employees who are subject to Tier 4 visa restrictions. Before this, we relied on an external supplier to monitor the hours scheduled for this group of staff – which added an extra layer of process and cost.

“Now, VT2000 automatically prevents compliance breaches for Tier 4 employees, meaning that we can manage all hourly-paid staff using a single, standard procedure regardless of their immigration status. Using the system has resulted in time and cost savings for us and I would therefore recommend VT2000 to other universities.”
Deputy Director of HR, City University of London

For more information:

Visit us online at: www.vt2000.info
Call 0207 375 0000
Email: sales@vt2000.info

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