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Want help planning for your institution’s future? HESA and Jisc’s new Workforce Explorer will transform your strategic staff planning

Workforce Explorer helps you to quickly contextualise your demographic data against the rest of the HE sector over time

Working within Human Resources (HR) in the higher education (HE) sector has never seen so many challenges. There is already public focus on how universities are spending their money as well as multiple policy initiatives promoting equality and diversity across demographics. Add in the big Brexit conundrum with the free movement of staff being placed under the spotlight and you are left with a complex HR landscape for staff to navigate and plan around.

At HESA and Jisc, we believe high quality, robust data can provide the evidence you need to make better strategic decisions, so we have developed Workforce Explorer, an analytical dashboard suite designed to help you address all the challenges outlined above and more. Workforce Explorer is an out of the box solution available within Heidi Plus for HR professionals along with key decision makers and those in strategic staff planning.

Revealing key insights from your equality and diversity data

There is no doubt that equality and diversity are becoming cornerstones of HR policy. Workforce Explorer helps you to quickly contextualise your demographic data against the rest of the HE sector over time. Including separate dashboards for sex, age, disability and ethnicity – you get a comprehensive picture to inform your future recruitment policies.

One of the real advantages of Workforce Explorer is the speed in which you can interpret the insights being delivered as illustrated in the Overview dashboard above. The dashboard suite has been designed with overview summaries so you can easily digest the key information and analyse the diversity of your workforce. The product includes year on year data comparisons so you can identify emerging trends and fully align your strategic direction.

Like all dashboard sections within Workforce Explorer, the demographics area also includes an analysis tool so you can interrogate all of your metrics in one place. The tool includes key benchmark groups, such as regional comparators, and can be split across cost centres allowing departmental analysis over time. This enables you to assess your strengths as an institution as well as highlighting areas of strategic prioritisation helping you to meet your corporate social responsibilities.

Benchmark your staff salaries and costs

With the ever-increasing lens on university finances, it’s vital you know how you are spending your money and managing your staff wage budget. Workforce Explorer reserves a whole section for Staff Productivity including salary and cost analysis.

The Staff Salaries Key Insights dashboard shows how your average staff salaries compare across the sector.  This data is split by contract levels so you can see how salaries are distributed throughout your organisational structure. It also includes cost centre breakdowns so you can see how your pay compares to your competitors in similar fields. These insights can quickly show you where you are already heavily investing and areas where you might consider further investment in the future. The Staff Productivity area of Workforce Explorer also includes dashboards for teaching and research productivity so you can track how your expenditure in those areas is performing.

Alerting you to your future capacity risks

HR professionals need to see what’s coming and to be proactive in their planning rather than constantly reacting to the next organisational crisis. This is exactly what the Staff Capacity section of Workforce Explorer helps you to achieve:

The Capacity Analysis tool shown above demonstrates the power of being able to foresee issues before they happen. It looks at the age profile of your staff and identifies how many of those staff are approaching retirement age and therefore may be considering retiring. The age calculation is flexible depending on your organisation’s retirement policy and is split by cost centre to give you full institution-wide analysis. It plots this calculation against your student growth data so you can identify areas which are growing yet have imminent staff capacity risks. This foresight hands you back your planning control and allows you to avert potential capacity issues before they arise.

Workforce Explorer: Transform your strategic staff planning today

Visualise and gain insight into complex staffing metrics, whilst benchmarking your performance against the sector. A trusted solution, giving you time to focus on higher-level analysis and management strategy.

Including key metrics on:

  • Staff Demographics
  • Staff Productivity
  • Staff Recruitment & Retention
  • Staff Sickness & Absence*

*Coming soon

Claim your exclusive 10% discount for University Business readers by quoting WEUB-2019 until 28th June 2019. Exclusively available to higher education providers that have access to HESA’s dashboard and data delivery service Heidi Plus via an annual subscription (avg. RRP £5,000).

For more information about this product, visit HESA’s Workforce Explorer product page.

Contact HESA by email at sales@hesa.ac.uk or call +44 (0) 1242 211 133.

HESA are the experts in UK higher education data and analysis, and the designated data body for England.

Jisc provide digital solutions for UK education and research.

Author: Matt Clarke, Data Content & Insight Lead, HESA.

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