Up to £500K of scholarships for refugees at LSE

The London School of Economics and Political Science is significantly increasing scholarship funding for asylum seekers/refugees

The School will increase the funds available to nearly £500,000 per year for students classified as asylum seekers, or those awaiting the outcome of an asylum application, and who have been offered a place to study at the School.

This announcement builds on established funding commitments and means the School will increase its annual undergraduate scholarships for asylum seekers to three per year from 2016. These awards would cover annual tuition fees and living costs of £11,000.

As part of the package for asylum seekers the School is also allocating ten awards for postgraduate offer holders, worth up to £40,000 per year for fees and living costs, depending on the course.

Commenting on the announcement, LSE Director Professor Craig Calhoun, said: “Responding is imperative. In the 1930s LSE responded when refugees were driven out of central Europe and it responded again after the Second World War. In the conflicts that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia LSE admitted and supported refugees. Many went on to be globally influential scholars and leaders. Educating such students is part of our commitment to be Britain’s most global university and our mission to bring knowledge to making a better world.

‘I am very glad that we are able to announce these scholarships and hope that in the future we will be able to do even more. We are proud to join others across the UK who have firmly said ‘refugees welcome’.”

The recent refugee crisis has provoked a strong reaction across the LSE community, with the LSE Students’ Union receiving an overwhelming response to their request for donations for displaced migrants. Alongside the SU, the LSE Careers Department has been guiding any students who wish to give up their time and resources to support refugees or volunteer to support the charities behind the scenes.

Over the coming months, LSE’s multidisciplinary Institute of Global Affairs will be working with experts across the School and beyond to develop evidenced-based and pragmatic policies to help tackle the refugee crisis. As part of this focus, the School plans to host a series of events, including a conference on migration, to raise awareness amongst policy makers, students and the public of the key challenges which need confronting.



29 October 2020 11am (GMT)

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