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Patient Advocate membership Services provide Nurse led Medical Case Management for employees sponsored by their employer

Universities and Colleges are businesses and need to deal with much more than teaching. Like all business concerns, a University depend on the welfare and health of its employees for its success, as much as the quality of services it delivers. Increased stress, depression and ill health leads to increasing absenteeism. Medical Insurance, Hospital Cash Plans and Employee Assistance Programmes could assist to a degree, but a more robust programme of employee care would benefit both employee and employer alike.

Patient Advocate’s ‘Employee Extra Care’ is a valuable benefit to employees, providing up to £3000.00 of private cover, per person, per year, ensuring they will receive private consultations, and diagnostics Post diagnosis, treatment, if required is facilitated in either the NHS or a private hospital subject to NHS eligibility through the e-patient referral service. The service is available for both employee and family, accelerating access to diagnostic and NHS care services when needed.


The Key benefits:

Access to a Nurse Case Manager for personalised support at any time during ill health, injury or health concerns

Advice and support for various treatment options, appropriate to the individual’s health needs.

Early intervention services either from 1st day absence (employer’s sickness absence policy) or for long term condition management.

All long-term conditions, complex care, cancer, musculoskeletal and mental health are covered, and our nurse case managers work alongside GP’s, Clinicians, complementary practitioners, occupational health and health prevention specialists enhancing a holistic and integrated care pathway for all patients.

Employee Extra Care is a new type of medical treatment plan designed for companies offering employees an affordable healthcare option. Underwritten by Amtrust or Argo Global ensuring that the cost of private consultation and diagnostic interventions are fully covered.

Employers want to reduce absenteeism through effective sickness absence and occupational Health response, minimise inconsistency and fragmentation of services whilst providing integrated medical services to all employees. This would assist your University / College an opportunity to not only encourage lower sickness levels but increase employee morale and higher productivity, resulting in lower costs.

Patient Advocate provides solutions for employers, through its unique Managed Healthcare Services – ‘Employee Care’ and ‘Employee Extra Care’.

For further information, please contact: Gareth Wynn-Jones on +44 (0) 7401448952 or at

Alternatively call +44 (0)20 7160 9735 or email

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