The cost of the world awaiting Britain’s academic empire builders

Britain’s universities have been actively engaged in a period of empire building in recent years

The Economist recently noted that Britain’s 136 universities now have 39 overseas campuses. In Dubai alone you’ll find branches of Birmingham, Bradford, Exeter, London Business School and Heriot-Watt universities.

That expansion brings opportunity – not least for those with skills in the UK academic sector to be able to take their expertise overseas and help these campuses to deliver the high quality education that Britain is renowned for.

Yet, international career paths require careful consideration and different nations have a very different experience of the cost of the world. New research from forex broker IG demonstrates this – looking at a comparison of costs across ten key factors for ten nations.

It shows how people venturing out to the academic empires of Britain’s universities need to be braced for a new balance of costs in everything from housing and childcare to motoring and meals out – and how other countries compare to the UK when it comes to affordability.

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