Taking a proactive approach to data protection

Sponsored: “All organisations need to audit current data flows and assess where confidential info may be at risk,” warns Shred-it’s VP

In April 64% of C-level executives were acknowledging that they faced a challenge becoming compliant with GDPR by the deadline, according to an Ipsos survey carried out on behalf of Shred-it.

This number is unlikely to have changed much in the past few weeks, and now that the preparation period for GDPR is over – the new regulations came into force on 25th May – it is crucial that organisations of all sizes ensure they are taking a proactive approach to data protection.

At the heart of the GDPR legislation are requirements to protect people’s personal information meaning a greater focus on encrypting digital information, safer practices in handling sensitive hard copy documents, and establishing policies around the storage and deletion of both. GDPR includes tough new penalties for organisations that are not compliant, with potential fines of up to 4% of annual revenue.

Neil Percy, Vice President Market Development and Integration EMEA, Shred-it has said: “All organisations, including universities, need to audit their current data flows and assess where confidential information may be at risk, either in digital or physical form, and take steps to restrict accessibility and delete or, if in physical format, securely destroy it when necessary. All too often organisations place themselves at risk of breach by not connecting the need to protect physical confidential material with the same level of security applied to the same data held electronically. GDPR views a breach of data equally – regardless of electronic or physical format.”

For more info, go to shredit.co.uk.

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