Students do the math

The University of Findlay is launching an online total degree cost calculator to help students see total cost of learning

The new online tool is part of the University’s efforts to be student-centered in its approach to offering a quality education.

The total degree cost calculator considers the same factors a traditional net price calculator does, including scholarships and financial aid, but shows a comprehensive cost estimate over the length of the student’s chosen academic program, rather than a one-year estimate. Both undergraduate and graduate students can utilize the calculator.

Findlay is one of a few schools to offer a comprehensive look at what earning a degree will actually cost. The new online tool was developed in-house in coordination with members of the financial aid staff.

“We are very student-focused at Findlay, and it’s our responsibility to give students the opportunity to know the true cost of earning their specific degrees, not just a total tuition estimate or a one-year look at the net price,” explained Ed Recker, director of financial aid for The University of Findlay. “By really knowing what the total cost of a degree is, our families will be better informed to make decisions based on the overall value of a Findlay education, not just an estimation of our sticker price.”

The total degree cost calculator is customisable based on which degree a student is seeking, the amount of scholarships and loans he or she is eligible for, the number of credit hours the student may be transferring, and other factors that impact financial aid.

“Investing in a college education is one of the biggest, but most valuable, decisions you will ever make,” added Recker. “Our goals are to help make sure our students and their families feel educated and confident about the investment they are making in Findlay, and we want to work with each student to make earning a Findlay degree as affordable as possible.”

Findlay’s Total Degree Cost Calculator is available at

The University of Findlay is a comprehensive university with a hands-on approach to learning located in Findlay, Ohio, approximately 45 miles south of Toledo.


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