Staff and students scholarships success

The Santander Universities Scholarship Programme is proving a welcome boost at Plymouth University

A research project looking at how children with Asperger syndrome regulate their emotions is one of more than 20 from Plymouth University to receive funding through a global education initiative.

Post-doctoral psychology student Belen Lopez Perez will be funded to look at the link between empathy and emotion regulation thanks to the Santander Universities Scholarship programme, which encourages staff and students to develop research and language exchange projects that will enhance future opportunities.

This is Belen’s second funding success through the programme, which offers cash rewards of amounts from £200 to £5,000. She used the first grant to work on a similar project involving adults in collaboration with her Spanish counterparts at the University of Burgos.

Professor David Coslett, Interim Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive, said: “We welcome this continuing partnership with Santander Universities. These international collaborations create opportunities for our staff and students to embark on joint research and teaching projects, taking our expertise to new territories and helping us to learn from others.”

The philanthropic Santander Universities funding is offered in three categories: Internationalisation, for staff and students to undertake research at a fellow Santander University anywhere in the world; Iberamerican, open to undergraduates and postgraduates who wish to carry out research/work based learning at a fellow Santander University; and Seed Corn scholarships which enable postgraduates and staff to undertake research related to their studies or teaching at Plymouth University.

Santander Universities activities form the keystone of the bank’s social action and enable it to maintain a stable alliance with 78 universities in the UK and more than 1,200 universities and research institutes all over the world.



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