Official Living Wage praise for Goldsmiths

Goldsmiths officially recognised for paying the London Living Wage

A commitment to giving staff fair pay has seen Goldsmiths, University of London awarded official accreditation from the Living Wage Foundation (LWF).

The university has paid its staff the London Living Wage (LLW), which currently stands at £9.40 an hour, since 2011.

Goldsmiths’ efforts have now been officially recognised by the LWF with the signing of a licence to support the continued commitment to the initiative.

The move means that Goldsmiths will continue to pay its employees the LLW and sees Goldsmiths recognised as a LWF employer.

It also allows Goldsmiths to apply to Lewisham Council for one year of discounted business rates.

Our staff make Goldsmiths a unique and inspiring university and paying the London Living Wage recognises this

The LLW is an hourly rate that is independently set by the Greater London Authority. The rate is updated annually and calculated according to the basic cost of living in London.

Goldsmiths’ staff and contractors receive a minimum hourly wage of £9.40, which is more than 20% higher than the National Minimum Wage of £6.70.

Employers across the country are only required by law to pay the National Minimum Wage.

Patrick Loughrey, Warden of Goldsmiths, said: “Our staff make Goldsmiths a unique and inspiring university and paying the London Living Wage recognises this.

“We want to support all who work here and are determined to help them cope with the cost of living in the capital.

“It is also fantastic to get official confirmation of our commitment to fair and ethical pay for our employees.

“Alongside our dedication to fair pay we also have a network committed to staff development to ensure that Goldsmiths is a true learning organisation where everyone can grow.”




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