Most Brits say costs would stop them from attending uni

More than 50% of people would choose not to attend university if they were to start today, due to high tuition fees and associated living costs

Research from Newsflare reveals just how many of us would choose not to attend university if we faced the financial pressures placed on student’s starting university now. Of those surveyed, those aged 35-44 were most likely to be put off attending university by the current level of tuition fees, with 57% saying they wouldn’t attend under the current format. This age group would have graduated university before 2003 and so would either not have paid tuition fees or no more than £1000 a year.

Women were far more likely to not attend university thanks to the monetary pressures: 62% of women said they’d be deterred, compared to just 52% of men.

The findings are in line with an overall drop in applications to UK universities

In an additional survey of people who attended university, 44% of current and previous university students said they had a part-time job alongside education to help fund living expenses such as rent, bills and course fees. A further 29% said they did so to earn additional money for personal hobbies and pastimes, including gym memberships and going out with friends.

‘Women were far more likely to not attend university thanks to the monetary pressures: 62%, compared to 52% of men.’

One in four students who have graduated since 2010 said they had more than one job on the go while they were at university, while 70% of current students are doing some kind of work to support their studies, up from 56% who attended university before 1990.

“Modern students are facing unprecedented financial demands, while also being expected to gain work experience relevant to their chosen career,” said Jon Cornwell, co-founder and CEO of Newsflare. “It’s no surprise to anyone familiar with modern student life that so many students are working multiple jobs to try and make this situation work.” 

Some of the most interesting jobs people had at university to make extra money included cleaning the panda enclosure at a local zoo, being paid to take part in police ID parades, reselling vintage items and lambing.

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