Legal knowhow with Glyndwr’s executive MBA

Mark Briegal, partner at Aaron & Partners, on working in partnership to boost course content

The UK is fertile ground for entrepreneurs and small businesses, but potential legal tripwires are never far away.

Whether it is the correct wording of an employment contract, how to protect your intellectual property or identifying the appropriate corporate structure for your venture – should you go down the sole trader route or look at becoming a limited company, partnership or something else – understanding corporate law can make a big difference to the future success of your business.

That is why, when Wrexham Glyndŵr University’s Business School asked Aaron and Partners to create and deliver a law module for its executive MBA course, we got right to work.

I am a former MBA student myself and when I was studying, there was no form of legal module

This is the only qualification of its type in North Wales or the North West and, as an accredited programme, helps boost business owners’ confidence in dealing with any legal issues.  It is aimed at entrepreneurs and also managers rising up larger organisations.

I am a former MBA student myself and when I was studying, there was no form of legal module and I realise that this programme has the potential to really benefit business owners and senior managers.

Working with our Employment Law partner Claire Brook, Property Law partner Simon Ellis and corporate Commercial Solicitor Aaron Vandermark, we have built a law module designed to give the current generation of small business owners, entrepreneurs, internet traders and other managers a vital introduction to those areas of law that will directly affect them.

We are not creating lawyers or delivering legal qualifications to the students who sign up, but we are giving them a practical understanding of everyday legal matters which, if they are not aware of them, could catch them out.

Participating entrepreneurs and managers are given some theory, but the aim is for them to comprehend how best to use the law in their daily working lives to the benefit of their businesses.

Even a basic understanding of property, employment, commercial and corporate law will help them throughout their business lives. Those who complete the course should come away able to identify potential legal issues and pitfalls and to have sensible conversations with their legal advisers, saving them time and money.

As a single module, it is impossible for us to cover all aspects of business law. However, with help from the university, we tailor the syllabus to focus on issues that we feel are the most important to businesses large and small, such as terms and conditions of sale and supply, break clauses and rent reviews, TUPE and business sales and purchases.

The key is to make sure the module remains relevant and accessible. If it becomes too intensive students will simply switch off, so we are always looking for that balance between delivering important, insightful information whilst keeping it practical with real life exercises and examples.

Mark Briegal is Partner and specialist in Professional Practices at Aaron & Partners

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