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The Human Resources professions hold the key to unlocking the potential for a much wider and more sustainable integration of health and wellbeing practices at work” – CIPD January 2016

Patient Advocate’s pioneering corporate and individual insured and non-insured solutions, are credible and sustainable alternatives to traditional private medical insurance (PMI).

Our innovative approach incorporates the proven model of person-centred managed healthcare* for employee populations, providing a dynamic and rapidly expanding solution to the ever-increasing challenges faced by the UK’s private medical sector and the NHS. In a world where existing benefits models are in need of reform, Patient Advocate offers a unique range of products and services that tackle the issues challenging employers.

Patient advocate’s business model

Patient Advocate is designed to work with the relationship between employer, employee and healthcare providers for mental health, physical and occupational health conditions. Creating a valuable bridge between public and private health programmes and services, we provide individuals with greater choice to get well, whilst also providing significant and measurable health benefits, and savings to both the individual and employer.

Making a difference 

Our approach is an affordable membership service for companies and individuals providing case management, treatment facilitation, guidance and support to those requiring assistance associated with a diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan from their GP, Consultant, and other health service providers across the primary, acute and tertiary care spectrum. Our medical advice and support to members and their families complement GP resources.

Costs of insured or self-funded healthcare are reduced by smarter use of the NHS and its e-Referral Service (e-RS) with private sector treatment also available through the NHS e-RS. However, the private sector may not always be the most appropriate provider setting for life-changing conditions, such as cancer, cardiac, and diabetes, often best delivered in NHS Centres of Excellence. We direct members to the most appropriate providers in both public and private sector including mental health and occupational health treatment centres. Our unique services can significantly reduce PMI claim costs by managing members through the NHS and our arrangements with Private Hospitals.

Evidence-based outcomes

The Patient Advocate nurse-led case-management model shortens the process of accessing diagnostic investigations, commencing appropriate treatment care pathways, accelerating improvements in health and wellbeing, and return to work, thus reducing the impact of employee sickness and absence. We provide standard claim management and case management outcomes reports and will design bespoke management reports on request.

Patient Advocate services are designed to be very affordable to employers and accessible to all employees. We work with employers to design the best combination of services, cost structure, and implementation planning, supporting the employer to meet the health and wellbeing needs of its employee population.

Our Patient Navigator IM system meets the same NHS standards for governance, confidentiality, and security of all GPs and hospital systems. Patient Advocate is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR).

 *The principles of person-centred care: Affording people dignity, compassion, and respect. Offering personalised and coordinated care, support and/or treatment. Supporting people to recognise and develop their own strengths and abilities to enable them to live an independent and fulfilling life. The Health Foundation 2014

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