Help your students afford a great education

To help fund their study, students have resorted to credit cards and bank overdrafts in the past, but there is now a better way

A lot of talented young people face a financial struggle through their university lives. Many may drop out of your university because they can’t pay the tuition fees or the living expenses. And some never even have the chance to get there in the first place, because they simply can’t afford it. 

We think that’s unfair. And together, we can help. At Future Finance, our mission is to remove the financial barriers to education and help your university students achieve their career goals and life dreams. 

Bridging the gap

As we all know, for a lot of students, the government loan schemes aren’t sufficient. They may not have the luxury of wealthy parents to support them either. 

The financial solutions to this predicament have traditionally been unattractive to say the least – high-cost credit cards, bank overdrafts and short-term loans. But there is now a better way.

Common sense student loans

Future Finance loans are fair and flexible. Students can borrow between £2,500 and £40,000 over one to 10 years, with interest starting from 6% and averaging just 11.2% APR (variable). That’s a lot better than your typical bank loan or credit card. 

We also offer lower, capped repayments while in study, repayment holidays after graduation and there are no early repayment fees. 

Applying takes less than a couple of minutes and the student will get a decision fast – without it effecting their credit score. 

And our lending decisions are based on more than just a credit rating. We look at their course, the university they’ve chosen and their potential future earnings. 

Working in partnership

Becoming a partner with Future Finance is free, quick and easy. We’ll send you a link and logo to include on your website and we are happy to provide further materials or financial education sessions to you, your colleagues and your students.

Future Finance loan – representative example:

  • Borrow: £4,500 for 10 years and 6 months
  • Orientation charge: £292.50
  • Total amount repayable: £7577.60
  • Interest rate: during studies 11.10% pa. (variable); after graduation 9.10% pa. (variable)
  • Repayments: 6 payments of £30/month, until 3 months after graduation; 119 payments of £61.90/month; 1 payment of £31.50
  • Representative 11.22% APR (variable)

To find out more, call us on 0203 743 8700, or email, and let’s work together to help ensure your students get the university experience they deserve. 

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