CUBO set to grow partnerships for 2018

CUBO has expanded its corporate partner programme recognising the growing importance of commercial relationships on campus

CUBO members lead on the strategic development, management and administration of an institution’s commercial business. This includes a huge range of services from residential, hospitality, retail and catering, to sport, security, cleaning and childcare. In these areas CUBO members contribute around £2bn to the UK economy, a figure which is growing year on year.

Of course, CUBO members cannot operate alone in providing these services. Working with an increasing number of business partners is becoming ever more important in the delivery of services on campus. With the growing focus on financial sustainability of services and customer service excellence, CUBO members recognise the critical importance of having the right partners involved to deliver on campuses. 

The CUBO corporate partner programme connects members directly with businesses. In a recent survey, CUBO members rated networking as the most valuable benefit of their membership. CUBO members are always looking for the next big thing, keen to find new ideas to take back to their institutions. Through regular networking with peers and partners in the sector, ideas are shared and problems are solved. CUBO events, particularly the summer and winter conferences, provide valuable opportunities for businesses and universities to find out what’s new in the sector as well as forming some mutually beneficial new relationships. 

For businesses, networking provides regular touch points with current contacts and opportunities to meet potential new customers. Most new business opportunities don’t happen overnight. Having long-term relationships allows CUBO partners to be in the right place at the right time when the needs arise. Keeping up with changes and new developments in the sector is vitally important too. Sarah Holt of, a CUBO gold partner, said: “Working with CUBO as a corporate partner has enabled us to gain insight into the sector and its challenges, and provides us with ongoing visibility with key stakeholders across the UK. The conferences are a great opportunity to catch up with our existing partners and develop new relationships with the university sector. It is a partnership we value immensely.”

‘Working with an increasing number of business partners is becoming ever more important in the delivery of services on campus.’

CUBO has launched a new expanded corporate partners programme for 2018. With a choice of four partnership levels, it offers better value, greater brand exposure and more options to fit with partners’ strategic goals.


This keeps partners’ brands in front of senior management in commercial HE all year round. It is perfect for partners who want access to CUBO without attending the conferences.


This is ideal for those who regularly take an exhibition stand package at the summer conference. This year the stand price is included in the package, along with year-round brand exposure.


Platinum partners will enjoy full participation in both the summer and winter conferences. This package also includes the sponsorship of a CUBO Award, plus the benefit of connecting with CUBO members all year round.


CUBO is looking for just one company as the principal CUBO corporate partner for 2018. Diamond partnership will offer lead sponsorship of the CUBO summer and winter conferences along with year-round brand exposure.

CUBO is growing and aims to increase its impact and influence in higher education. Part of CUBO’s remit is to foster the next generation of commercial leaders in UK universities. Becoming a CUBO partner is joining a trusted network of key influencers in commercial HE. 

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