Bristol launches Rent Guarantor Service

Sponsored: The University of Bristol partner with Housing Hand to launch a Rent Guarantor Service for their domestic and international students

Meeting demand and requirements

With the Higher Education Policy Institute finding that international students bring a net profit to the UK economy of £20.3bn, there is no wonder that universities are recognising the benefit of supporting students from overseas in their efforts to study in the UK, particularly when it comes to housing. As one of the biggest and, for most, unfamiliar expenses faced by any student, renting is often a daunting task that requires a lot of time and support from the University and their accommodation departments. Combined with the additional obstacle of providing a UK-based rent guarantor, international students and domestic students are often faced with the predicament of paying a large sum of rent upfront, limiting their accommodation search to select properties that do not require guarantors or are forced away from studying in the UK altogether. This results in a significant amount of stress and inconvenience for both the tenants and staff.

How does it work?

In 2017 the University of Bristol decided to address this issue and, in conjunction with Housing Hand, launched the ‘University of Bristol Guarantor Service’ to help both UK and international students and staff secure the properties of their choice in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Working together with the award-winning UK guarantor service has meant the University of Bristol can provide any student or staff member that applies with us a fast and secure way to get the property of their choice for a discounted fee paid either over eight monthly instalments or an upfront cost for the whole year at no cost to the University. Housing Hand essentially whitelabel their market-leading product, providing full integration and co-branding to their online application process, with an affiliated link as well as designing, printing and delivering marketing materials such as brochures, posters and promotional videos that are published on social media channels.

Success and key advantages of a rent guarantor service

The University of Bristol have already seen a six-fold increase in the number of students applying for the guarantor service since soft launching the service in 2017 and expect to see the number of students and staff aided by the rent guarantor service further increase having officially launched at the end of 2017.

Some of the advantages of building a guarantor service with Housing Hand include: 

 – No cost to the University and a reduced flat rate fee

 – Housing Hand’s experienced customer service team take each student through the process, ensuring they secure their chosen accommodation

 – No risk! Housing Hand covers the full amount of rental arrears as well as damages dilapidations and professional eviction costs

 – Both UK and International students can use the service, complying with EU discriminatory laws

 – Full integration into your booking system, increasing the efficiency of booking and reducing admin for all parties

 – Housing Hand can be referenced as a guarantor with majority of popular referencing companies

 – Housing Hand’s Credit Control team deal with all rental defaults and offer flexible payment plans to students when possible

 – A secure partner portal to track the progress of all your student’s applications as well as a dedicated account manager

 – Housing Hand can provide promotional content and prepare bespoke marketing materials where you require

How to set up your own rent guarantor service at no cost! 

Simply call Housing Hand on 0207 205 2625 or send an email to for more information about how Housing Hand can work with you and your department to set up your own, bespoke rent guarantor service to meet your needs.

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