What I’m reading: November 2021

This month: Dr Ping Zheng, Christ Church Business School

Dr Ping Zheng is a senior lecturer and researcher in entrepreneurship and innovation at Christ Church Business School (CCBS) and is the chair of the faculty ethics panel at Canterbury Christ Church University (CCCU). She is the principal author of Emerging Business Ventures under Market Socialism: Entrepreneurship in China, published by Routledge London in 2014.

The Future You by Brian D. Johnson

Brian Johnson is a brilliant futurist, and an advocator for science fiction prototyping (SFP). This is written in a story-telling and conversational style with a focus on helping individuals in finding a future path and building capability for creating a future they want. It aims to teach people how to think like a futurist.

The Future Is Faster Than You Think by Peter H Diamandis and Steven Kotler

I am a firm believer in the greater benefits of technological advancement. This book systematically explains how technological changes in different sectors, such as education, retail, advertising, entertainment, healthcare, finance etc, will create new opportunities and disruptive innovations that can transform our lives, society and future. It is mind-blowing.

The Creativity Code by Marcus Du Sautoy

This explores the mysteries of AI overtaking human intelligence – a big assumption about our future with machines that worries many. This book explains why human creators will be the storytellers, not AI – which seems to be a logical conclusion, but leaves some doubt. What if AI deep learning could replace human creativity when a machine becomes conscious?

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