UWE plans business and law upgrade

The new building for the Faculty of Business and Law at UWE Bristol is one step closer with go-ahead from the planners

The new building will house Bristol Business School and Bristol Law School and is part of the University’s campus development plan to build a University for the 21st century.

The landmark academic building will be located at the heart of the new developments in the UWE Frenchay Campus Master Plan, on the northern side of a newly formed plaza.

Pro Vice-Chancellor and Commercial Director Bill Marshall said, “The building will be 17,200 square metres in size over 5 floors. The new building will be naturally ventilated with energy efficient lighting and control systems. It will contain state of the art teaching and lecturing facilities including 2 Harvard style lecture theatres, a 300 seat tiered lecture theatre, two showcase mock court rooms and a trading room. The project will cost £50 million. We expect that work will begin in December 2014 and that the building will be finished in September 2016.”

Bristol Business School and Bristol Law School educate future professionals in all aspects of business and law – from entrepreneurship, management, leadership, strategy through to economists, accountants, marketing and human resources. As well as offering academic law courses they also train barristers and solicitors. They provide alongside this, research into important business and law issues that confront both businesses and society.

Innovative new courses, such as the successful Business Team Entrepreneurship degree, are already creating an exciting buzz on campus, with students responding to the challenges of creating their own businesses during their time at university.

UWE Bristol Deputy Vice-Chancellor Professor Jane Harrington, who is also Vice Chair of the Association of Business Schools, said, “It will provide a first-class teaching and learning environment comprising lecture facilities, teaching and seminar rooms, specialist learning facilities such as a trading room and law courts, and staff offices.

“It will include specialist executive development facilities as well as space for collaboration, business development and informal learning space– this wonderful new building will fulfil the aspirations of students, staff and the business community.

“The business world is changing rapidly and we need to educate the next generation of business leaders in a way that meets the needs of businesses.

“This building will enable the business community to share in the vibrant atmosphere at UWE Bristol and benefit from closer contact with students and academics.

“Our role is to be part of the world of business, to reach out to business and enable them to reach in to us. There are huge benefits for businesses of working closely with a modern practice-based University like UWE Bristol, and this new building will create the opportunity to enable this to happen by fostering informal and formal interaction.

“Key professional organisations will have a base in the new building; and barristers, accountants, small business owners and start-ups (to name but some of our visitors) will be able to mix with staff and students in the social learning areas. Pop-up pods will provide flexible workspaces and state-of-the-art law courts will offer excellent facilities for our law students.

“Bringing businesses into the University will enable them to access a whole range of benefits from research opportunities and student placements to consultancy work. It will also be hugely beneficial for students – enabling them to have direct contact with the real world of work and helping them develop the skills they need to be attractive to employers.”

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