University opts for automatic partitioning wall

Partitioning expert, Style, has recently installed a state-of-the-art fully automatic moveable wall at MMU

Partitioning expert Style, has recently installed a state-of-the-art fully automatic moveable wall at Manchester Metropolitan University, providing staff and students the chance to quickly divide an area that is home to both a busy computer laboratory and filming studio.   The DORMA Moveo Glass ComfortDrive system, is a double-glazed operable wall that combines outstanding 50dB acoustics with a feeling of space and light.

The University campus is based in the heart of the city, offering students the chance to learn and experience new things, broaden their outlook on life and boost their chances of pursuing their chosen career.

The computer laboratory sits next to a room used for filming and was originally separated by a semi-automatic moveable partition. However, being a well-used facility, vast numbers of different people were involved in opening and closing the dividing wall.  Obviously, the chance of operator damage was considerable and it was decided that a fully automatic solution would be considerably more efficient.

Working directly with the University, Style suggested the fully automatic Moveo partitioning wall as the most appropriate system, delivering privacy for students to work undisturbed on either side, thanks to the high acoustic integrity.

“Fully automatic moveable partitioning walls are growing fast in popularity,” confirms Andy Gibson, Style’s director for the North. “It means that with the push of a button you can open and close the wall with no manual handling or human intervention at all.  As well as being far quicker and easier for the University staff to open and close, this minimises the chance of operator damage, and has health and safety advantages too.”

Style is the exclusive UK partner to DORMA, and the Moveo Glass system installed at Manchester Metropolitan University came with standard anodised aluminium profiles, and automatic aluminium coloured blinds in each glass panel.

 “The automatic blinds are a nice addition,” said Andy, “as they offer that final element of privacy when required and, as this wall is in use every day, the automatic operation is so much easier now that it’s just a case of pressing a button.”

For further information please contact tel: 01202 874044

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