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It’s often difficult to negotiate the balance between an environment which can aid concentration and an uninspiring atmosphere

It is well known fact that well equipped and decorated environments have the potential to improve the performance and mood of individuals who use this space. However it’s often difficult to negotiate the balance between an environment which can aid concentration and an uninspiring atmosphere. Ultimately, it’s important to achieve a backdrop which can boost both productivity and morale.

A huge variation in the working environments of large campuses may pose a challenge to the promotion of creativity and productivity in staff and students.

Google is one of a growing number of companies who are experimenting with green and natural designs across their offices to boost their employees’ morale. Forbes has recently published an article report higher employee well-being for those working in offices that incorporate natural elements in their design. Moreover, a Human Spaces report reinforced the positive influence of a view of nature on employee focus, mood and blood pressure.

Bland and sterile environments fail to culture creativity and are proven to reduce concentration. By using examples from organisations who have incorporated natural elements into their design, we can successfully upgrade study environments to promote performance and mental well-being.

You do not need to install giant fish tanks and skylights into the campus buildings a simple change to the wallpaper in key areas is a good start. There are numerous examples of natural texture wallpapers and applying an image of a natural landscape can instantly enliven the outlook of an educational institution.

Personalised wallpaper from Your Walls can provide your organisation with the image uplift it needs. For maximum benefit, decorate the spaces with views of outdoors. Personalisation can allow your organisation to benefit from the work of photography and arts students further enhancing satisfaction through student involvement.

W: www.yourwalls.com

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