Transforming the estate – Salford City College gets digital

Transforming the estate – Salford City College gets digital overhaul

Saf Arfan, Vice Principal for Development and Innovation at Salford City College reveals how he set about the transformation of the College’s outdated ICT facilities and a number of other interiors across five campuses.

When I joined Salford City College in 2015 we were proud to be the number one General Further Education (GFE) College in Greater Manchester in terms of the success rates. However, we felt that so much more could be achieved with top class educational facilities, to deliver teaching and learning excellence.


As part of a £9 million programme of refurbishment, Salford City College embarked on the creation of exemplary ICT facilities across five campuses as well as two science labs including a preparation room, art, craft and health rooms, a new cafeteria, nursery room and vet room.

Having managed a significant capital investment programme in my previous role as Executive Director at Hopwood Hall College where Innova Design Solutions had completed an immaculate modernisation and re-fit of four science laboratories, it was the same standard of delivery we were looking to achieve at Salford City College

After meeting all of our selection criteria Innova Design Solutions were appointed to deliver the inspirational ICT facilities as well as design, manufacture and install the science labs and other learning areas within the college.


The new facilities were seamlessly installed with minimum disruption during term time and were unveiled just in time for half term. Demand was so high among students keen to study and use the new facilities, that we kept one of our campuses open full time.

Our brand-new learning spaces match our aspirations and genuinely gear us up to further push the boundaries of our already exemplary teaching – all thanks to the latest inspirational interiors that promote engagement and overall enhance the learning experience.

We now look forward to seeing all of our fantastic new classrooms in action, where students can become digital savvy learners and ultimately desirable employees, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.

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