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Unitrunk is top of the class for Exeter Student Accommodation Scheme

Cable management specialist Unitrunk has helped mechanical and electrical contractor Legsun to save time on an installation at a new, £20m student accommodation scheme in Exeter thanks to its RIS (rapid installation systems) channel, basket and tray.

The five-storey student accommodation scheme will accommodate 203 student bedrooms and  comprises a range of studio apartments, laundry room, common room and offices. Currently under construction, the project is due for completion in early September. Legsun has been responsible for design development and installation of all M and E services and was challenged with meeting the demands of a very tight programme and restricted ceiling voids.

Unitrunk supplied shallow 21mm x 41mm channel for the project which was installed throughout the corridors on each floor by the Legsun team, using coach bolts to connect it to the timber uprights of the timber-framed building.

The channel network was then used as the infrastructure to support Unitrunk’s Uniklip cable tray system and Easy Connect cable basket, which was installed in the voids and risers throughout the building.

Legsun installed Uniklip cable tray for all the mains cabling in the corridors, connecting together quickly and simply with the system’s tool- and screw-free clip-on fasteners. The tray was secured to the channel at 1.2m intervals using Unitrunk’s RIS fast clip tray to channel connectors, which simply clip over the side of the tray for a fast and tool-free secure connection.

The EasyConnect basket was similarly fast to install with sections of the RIS basket simply ‘clicking’ together and fastened using fast fix channel to basket connectors to secure it to the channel infrastructure.

Explains Darren Griffiths from Legsun: “I had never used Unitrunk’s RIS cable management before but had heard about the time-saving advantages of the system. Not only did the clip-on fasteners help us save time on the programme and reduce the amount of labour required but Unitrunk was also able to supply us with channel that was cut to size, enabling us to overcome the challenges of the shallow voids.”

Darren adds: “While this is not a complex scheme it is a large building on a tight and business critical programme. Unitrunk’s RIS systems have been so quick and easy to install it has really helped us to keep our works on schedule and we would definitely use them again in the future.”


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