Three advantages of using durable ID card holders on campus

SPONSORED: ID card holders may be a small consideration but they can improve security and visibility

The modern campus today requires a lot of equipment, doesn’t it? But one of the most important pieces of equipment for any modern education facility is going to be ID card holders, but these are often overlooked or not utilised very effectively.

Some colleges/ universities will use ID card holders in a limited capacity, for example, they might only give them to students when they enrol or new staff when they start work and then not replace them if they get lost or get damaged. Instead they might just give the student/ staff member a replacement card.

And some educational establishments might not even use ID card holders at all! They might just create student and staff ID cards and let people store them in their wallets/ purses. This is more common than you might think but it shows that many educational establishments underestimate the value of ID card holders.

Why Are ID Card Holders Needed?

At first glance ID card holders might not seem like they are very important, they just hold ID cards right? It’s easy to underestimate how valuable ID card holders can be but any educational establishment whether big or small should make sure they have them.

They might not look like it but ID card holders are actually very effective safety and security measures. They ensure anyone whether student, staff or even outside contractors are easily identifiable and they ensure maximum visibility and easy identification.

But that’s just the beginning! ID card holders offer a whole host of benefits and we’re going to taking a more in-depth look at three of the main advantages of using them in more detail. When they are used correctly ID card holders can make a big difference and will be a great way of ensuring safety and security throughout the campus.

Advantage 1 – Colour Coded

The first advantage we’re going to be taking a look at is something that is not often thought about when it comes to ID card holders. ID card holders don’t all have to be the same, do they? After all, not every card they hold will be the same.

Any modern campus will have ID cards for students, staff, and perhaps even outside contractors and visitors. But with ID card holders you can increase security and visibility by giving each group of people their own unique colour of ID card holders. There’s even a variety of ways you can utilise this colour coding practice.

You could give each department its own unique colour, for example, Maths students and staff could have red ID card holders, while English staff and students could have blue card holders instead. Or you could go for a more simple style of colour coordination by giving each group their own colour.

Students, staff, contractors and even visitors could have their own distinctive colour of ID card holder meaning you could ensure everyone is easy to identify with just four different colours. However, you decide to do it colour coordination is a great way to more easily identify people and will help improve visibility and security.

Advantage 2 – They Keep Reissuance Costs Down

Very few students will have the same ID card when they graduate, in fact, many students are likely to go through quite a few during the course of their studies. I myself lost my ID card at least four times during my time at university so I’ am speaking from personal experience.

And one of the reasons I lost my ID card is because I kept it in my wallet. Having to take it in and out of my wallet to scan it to gain access to buildings or lecture halls just increased the chances of me losing it.

And it’s not just students I’ am sure plenty of staff lost their ID cards as well and outside contractors who only visit campus every so often aren’t likely to always keep their ID card safe either. But reissuing these cards can drive up costs significantly especially if you’re like me and have lost quite a few ID cards.

But plastic ID card holders can help reduce the risk and will keep reissuance costs down, think about it with a strong plastic casing around your card it is much less likely to get lost, isn’t it? But not only that it will also help prevent the card from getting damaged.

Snapping and scratching your ID cards is easier than you think, especially if you store them in your wallet/ purse. So, if you want your university or college to save money on the reissuing costs investing in ID card holders is the ideal solution.

Advantage 3 – They Securely Hold Multiple Cards

This is another great benefit to ID card holders that is rarely talked about, just because they are designed to hold ID cards that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for anything else. ID card holders can also be dual-sided and single-sided the one I used at university was dual-sided which was very useful because I could use it to hold my public library card as well.

This means just scanning the other side of my lanyard would allow me access to the public library in the city centre. While scanning the other side would let me into buildings on campus, but even if you use single-sided card holders you can still get a lot of innovative use out of them.

You could use it to safely and securely hold a variety of cards for quick and easy access, and both dual-sided and single-sided card holders can hold multiple cards securely meaning they’ll be a safe and secure way to take all your important cards with you. In many ways, it can be much safer than storing them in a more traditional purse or wallet.

So, that’s a look at three of the main benefits to using ID card holders in your educational establishment. They might not seem like it but ID card holders are one of the most innovative, versatile and beneficial pieces of equipment your university or college can have.

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