The projector technology of the future

Laser phosphor technology is the projector technology of the future and it took the education market by storm at the SCHOMS conference

Perfect for classrooms, breakout rooms and lecture theatres, it’s a technology that is extremely energy efficient and delivers a consistent, uniform brightness with worry-free performance. 

Laser phosphor technology uses no lamps.  With a life of 20,000 hours – that’s about 10 years of average use – you’d expect to go through around 13 lamps with a traditional lamped projector. That’s not just a huge saving on running costs but also saves downtime, hassle and the inconvenience of having to replace lamps. 

There are also no filters to clean – that means minimal servicing needs and cost.

Do all these benefits result in a reduced performance?  No!  Projectors turn on/off instantly with no warm up or cool down period needed and no risk of blown lights through turning off too soon.  Brightness remains constant throughout the life of the projector

Not only are they energy efficient, but green too, as there’s no glass, metal, plastic or mercury to dispose of or recycle.

Comments we received about the laser phosphor projectors on show at SCHOMS included ‘unsurpassed’, ‘price/performance that is second to none’ and ‘excellent quality’.

Our SCHOMS special offer of a 5 year warranty on Christie Laser Phosphor Projectors for the education market and a FREE standard lens or half price optional lens offer on all GS models including the new GS700/GS850 series models and all HS series models continues until September.

Find out more about the offer here.

Find out more about laser phosphor projection here.

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